Puteri Gunung Hotel (PGH) : a GREEN HOTEL

Reading the media’s headlines today, we are all generally alarmed by numerous  revelations of Global Warming, extreme weather, air and water pollution, dwindling bio-diversity, as  well as the amount of plastic that litter our planet and especially in our oceans.  The effect of micro plastics eaten by the marine life, which in turn we consume, is still not fully understood, yet could possibly have devastating effects on mankind; on our children and grandchildren.

What can single person, family, or hotel property do in the face of such gigantic global threats?  We, at Puteri Gunung Hotel, have decided to take a few small steps in the right direction, in the hopes of making some positive contributions towards global solutions and a better future for our children. We have adopted or are in the process of taking the following steps to be a part of the Solutions, and hopefully to influence those around us as well, to also take small (or big ) steps.  


  PGH’s small steps:

  • Eliminating all single use, plastic water bottles in PGH (see the refillable Aluminum Water Bottles)
  • Eliminating plastic straws in PGH
  • Planting a vegetable garden for use by our Kitchen
  • Composting for usage in our Nursery, planting more flowers, trees
  • Recycling  the organic Kitchen Waste for composting
  • Adapting a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle attitude in our Operations
  • Recycling Carton
  • Encouraging our Suppliers to reduce or eliminate plastic packaging or single use plastic bags for our Deliveries.
  • Reducing our single use plastic bag usage in our Rooms by replacing with recycled paper or cassava based bags
  • Replacing all fluorescent, incandescent light bulbs with energy saving LED Light bulbs
  • Usage of Timers and Sensors to reduce the electricity consummation


We invite all our Guests to join us in our efforts, to make your own small steps for healing Mother Earth, to ensuring a better future for our Children.

GO Green, ACT Now.


All the PGH Staff Members ( 146 Individuals)