Tangkuban Parahu


Our Coffeeshop, where we traditionally serve our Buffet Breakfast, may surprise you in a most delightful way. Although we do offer international dishes, our Culinary Team specializes in Sudanese favorites, as well as other Indonesian dishes from around the Archipelago, many of them crafted from local produce and even some vegetables and herbs from our Garden

Overlooking the Pool, savouring a delicious meal, while enjoying the ideal climate and watching over your children frolicking in the pool only steps away; what a memorable experience only to enjoyed at Puteri Gunung's Tangkuban Perahu !

On the Menu

  1. Ayam Penyet
  2. Honey Flavoured Cake
  3. Soto Ayam
  4. Soto Bandung
  5. Perfect Green
  6. Ginger Honey Tea
  7. Cappucino
  8. Virgin Kahlua
  9. Tokyo Blue